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HPV Thermal Transfer Products, Inc. was founded in January 2001 and acquired its legal status from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last May 21, 2001 under Certificate of Registration No. A200107064.


HPV Thermal Transfer Products, Inc. is a company engaged in manufacturing of air conditioning and ventilating equipment. It has a full competent of motivated engineers and a handful personnel who has extensive years of experience in fabrication and installation of projects.


HPV Thermal Transfer Products, Inc. believes in working closely with its clients. By pooling its resources, it ensures that all projects are with quality of its work and completed in the shortest possible time.



Air Conditioning Coil in Manila

Air Conditioning Coil 
Evaporator/Condenser coils used to circulate the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle

Air Conditioning Equipment - Shell and Tube in Manila

Shell and Tube

Air Conditioning Equipment - Ducting Works​ in Manila

Ducting Works​

Air Conditioning Equipment - Air Conditioner Compressor​ in Manila


Air Conditioning Equipment - Copper Fittings​ in Manila

Copper Fittings

Air Conditioning Equipment - Copper Pipe in Manila

Copper Pipe

Air Conditioning Equipment - Copper Pipe in Manila

Copper Pipe

Air Conditioning Equipment - Refrigerant in Manila


Air Conditioning Equipment - Rubber Pipe Insulation in Manila

Rubber Pipe Insulation

Rubber Tubes/Sheets used to insulate copper pipes and other materials​

Air Conditioning Equipment - Silver Rod in Manila

Silver Rod



For the past Thirteen (13) years, the company has developed a good track record in manufacturing and installation of the following:

• Air Handling Units Chw/Dx Type
• Dx Air Handling Units
• Evaporator / Condenser Coils
• Copper Tubings And Fittings
• Chilled Water Cooling Coil
• Re-Heat And Heat Exchanger

• Air Cooled Condensing Units
• Rubber Insulation Materials
• Shell & Tube Evaporator / Condenser
• Centrifugal Blowers
• Duct Works
• Air Conditioning Parts



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648 Evangelista Street, Quiapo
City of Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone Numbers: 

+63 (2) 87332321

+63 (2) 86648587
+63 (2) 87332268

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Contact Persons:
Genara Banot / Carl See

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